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If you want complete control over your Kiln, Furnace or Oven these controllers can provide you with multiple temperature ramps, multiple holds / soaks and a delayed start so you can have your kiln fire automatically at a certain time.
They can be programmed to control the whole firing process, including ramp rate, hold times and final temperature, cone and Precious Metal Clay firing are also available.
These are perfect for pottery, glass and PMC and come with some glass type profiles pre programmed in addition to the pottery based cone fire programs.
EG: For the first segment / stage you can set the temperature to rise at 75c / hour to 150c and then hold for 2 hours as a drying stage.
Then for the second stage you can set the temperature to rise at 200c / hour to 900c
Then for the third stage you can set the temperature to rise at 120c / hour to 1100c
Then for the forth stage you can set the temperature to rise at 60c / hour to 1260c and hold for 10 mins.
There are 8 stages and each stage can have a hold added to it, you can modify the ramp / rise rate and the temperature that it goes to on each stage, if you don't need 8 stages you can reduce them in the program setup.

bartlettBartlett 3K 10 Amp Plug Through Controller
bartlettBartlett 3K 4 Pin Controller
Bartlett 3K 10 Amp Plug Through Controller
Bartlett 3K 4 Pin Controller


FEATURES of Model 3K Controller ConeFire, RampHold or PMC
Keypad: 3 key momentary switch with overlay
No. of Thermocouples or Zones: 1
Thermocouple: Type K
Method of Control: PID
Ramp/Hold: Stores up to 4 programs (last fired program remains in memory)
Segments per program: 8
(each segment has a ramp rate to a temperature, and a soak period)
Skip-Step: Yes
(move from one segment to the next ramp)
Add Time (to current hold period): Yes
Preset Conefire Programs: 3 Speeds (Slow, Medium, Fast)
Temperature Scale: °F or °C
Delay Start: Yes
Error Codes: (power failure, t/c FAIL, t/c leads reversed)

Bartlett V6-CF 4 Pin
Bartlett V6-CF 2 Zone Controller
Bartlett V6-CF 20 Amp Plug Through Controller
Bartlett V6-CF 4 Pin
Bartlett V6-CF 2 Zone
Bartlett V6-CF 20 Amp

Features of the Model V6-CF & RTC-1000 Controllers
CONE FIRE METHOD - use when firing to a specific cone number using one of four speeds (RTC-1000 has 3, Fast, Med & Slow), "Slow Bisque", "Fast Bisque", "Slow Glaze", or "Fast Glaze".
VARY-FIRE PROGRAMMER (Ramp & Hold on RTC) - Program up to 6 separate firing profiles for repeated use. Each profile may have up to 8 segments with separate heating or cooling rates, temperature set-points, and hold times. Use RECALL PROGRAM button (V6 only) to recall any firing program with one button ease.
DELAY START - Delay the start of your firing up to 99 hours and 99 minutes.
PREHEAT - Used with CONE FIRE method to hold a temperature of 200 °F for a specified time prior to starting the firing. This can be used for drying ware.
ALARM - User set audible temperature alarm.
THERMOCOUPLE - Can be configured as Type K or R (Type N or S on special order)

Advanced features:
CONE OFFSET - Used to raise or lower the final temperature of any cone to fine tune the controller to your kiln.
SKIP STEP - Skip from the present segment to the next ramp.
ERROR CODES - Error codes may be turned on so the kiln will automatically shut down if there is an error. They may be turned off for special firing profiles.
16 SEGMENT PROGRAMS - User programs 5 and 6 can be combined for a 16 segment program.
MULTI ZONE - Up to 3 seperate zones can be controlled with up to 4 seperate elements. This will provide a more even temperature over the whole kiln chamber.

Messages and information:
REVIEW PROGRAM - Review your firing profile any time before or during the firing.
VIEW SEGMENT - View the current segment or skip to the next segment.
CONE TABLE - Easily look up temperature and cone number equivalents.
°F or °C - Choose between FARENHEIT or CELCIUS temperature scales.

Mounting Bracket:

Kiln Controller Mounting Bracket
All controllers can be fitted with an optional kiln side mounting bracket
Also can be retro fitted to your existing controller POA

Note: All controllers do not come with a thermocouple if you require one please choose one from thermocouples page.

All controllers can be fitted with an optional kiln side mounting bracket

Owning Digital PID ,Bartlett or Nemesis PI Rogue Controller is like hiring an assistant to watch your kiln. Nevertheless, please remember that you should monitor the kiln occasionally during firing, especially near the expected shut-off. (We do not warrant against over-fires.)


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