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Australian made Kiln Elements for most brands NEW and OLD Kilns

We only use High Quality Kanthal A1 wire

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We supply kiln elements to suit most brands of kilns including but not limited to:

A.A.Kilns , AFC, Aim, Amaco,AWBell BPQ, Carbolite Muffles,Cerama, Ceramichrome, Cesco ,Cobcraft, Crafttek, Cress, Cromartie, Crusader kilns, Classic Industries, Do-All, Duncan ,Edgeware, Essex, EvenHeat, Freeman, Fuse works ,Fired up kilns ,Firecraft,Furnace Industries, Gare , Haigh Resistances, Harpers, HillDav, Hi-Fire, Hilldav,inferno kilns ,JCI, Jeko, Jen Ken, Kamel , Ker Manufacturing Co, Kiln Services , Kiln West, KilnWorxs, L&L Kilns, LD Trapneli, MBBS, Muffle Furnaces,Nabertherm Neycraft,Nidec-Shimpo ,Neytech Vulcan,Nidec-Shimpo, Nova, Olympic, Paragon, Pyrolec, Pyrolyn, Radatherm, Rebnick, Reward, Robertson, Rhode, Seeleys, SEI, Skutt, South African, StoneTech, Tetlow kilns, The Doall Kiln, U-Tow, Thermaltech , Ward kilns, Wilbartec,Woodrow kilns, and many more.

Kanthal or Nichrome Elements

If we already have the specification for the kiln then not a problem, we can make the element but we like to confirm details to get it right for you some minor stretching and bending maybe required in some kilns to get exact fit.

Photo's emailed will certainly help us indentify your kiln and resizing to medium will reduce file size but first ensure your photo is focused and nameplate readable.

If not then we will either need a sample element posted to us or all the information about the kiln elements to determine if elements throughout the kiln are same design or different. For Example Top/bottom or middle maybe different, to enable us to calculate the element we need to know this information.

Kiln Elements Australia

We will require the Kiln Name Plate Specification details, KW rating, Amps, 1phase , 2phase , 3phase, element coil outside diameter, length of element coil. Element wire outside diameter using digital verniers (see tabel Below)if possible or mm ruler estimation. The number of elements and how it is connected in control box as there are many different configuarations.

digital verniers kanthal a1

Wire Gauge Standard Sizes below tolerances are very close in millimetres

B&S millimetre
8 3.2600
9 2.9100
10 2.5900
11 2.3000
12 2.0500
13 1.8300
14 1.6300
15 1.4500
16 1.2900
17 1.1500
18 1.0200

The temperature kilns are fired to has a considerable effect on the life of the element.

If you fire your kiln once a week for one year to 1280ºc would be equal to three years of 1200ºc firings so stoneware firings will shorten your elements life considerable

Kiln elements Australia

A lot of people are moving to mid fire clays and firing to a much lower temperature

We also make custom elements made to your specifications

Send an email with pictures of kiln specifcations plate and a few pictures of elements in kiln for us to quote for you.

More Information we may need if your kiln model is not on file yet.

Front loader Kilns more informationTop Loader Kilns More information

AAKilns Element Firing Procedure

Muffle Furnace Element Rewinds

Muffle Furnace Element Tube
Muffle Furnace Element Tube


We can also repair & supply muffle tube furnace elements to suit Carbolite, SEM and other types.

Please contact us for Prices on Elements


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