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What is a thermocouple sensor?

A thermocouple is a sensor for measuring temperature. It consists of two dissimilar metals, joined together at one end. When the junction of the two metals is heated a voltage is produced that can be converted back to the temperature using a pyrometer or electronic controller.

What are the different thermocouple types?

A thermocouple is available in different combinations of metals or calibrations. The most common types used in kilns are K, N and R.

How do I know what thermocouple type to choose?

Type K Thermocouple (Nickel-Chromium / Nickel-Alumel):
The type K is the most common type of thermocouple.
It’s inexpensive, accurate, reliable, and has a wide temperature range.
Type K thermocouples generally have yellow leads with a yellow (+) and a red (-) wire.

Type N Thermocouple (Nicrosil / Nisil):
The Type N shares similar accuracy and temperature limits as the Type K.
Type N thermocouples generally have orange leads with a orange (+) and a red (-) wire

Recommended temperature Range K & N types: 1100deg c Constant Range –270 to 1300C

When using K & N types a ceramic sheath is suggested to prolong thermocouple life and stop metal scale from falling off into your kiln if firing to stoneware a sheath is required.

Type R Thermocouple (Platinum Rhodium -13% / Platinum):
The Type R is used in very high temperature applications.
It has a higher percentage of Rhodium than the Type S, which makes it more expensive.
The Type R is very similar to the Type S in terms of performance.
Type R has a slightly higher output and improved stability over the type S.
Type R thermocouples generally have green leads with a black (+) and a red (-)wire

Type R are recommended if regular firing to stoneware temperatures.
Type R will last significantly longer than a K or N.
They come with a sheath as part of the thermocouple assembly.

Recommended temperature range Type R: -50 to 1480C

How do I know the correct length for my Kiln?

The thermocouple on a electric kiln requires the metal tip to be around 3cm to 5cm inside the chamber.
On a gas kiln 10 to 15 cm is recommended.

Thermocouple Length

How do I assemble and install a thermocouple kit on my Kiln?
Click here to download our assembly instruction manual


In harsh environments stainless steel sheath or Inconel sheath can be used to protect the thermocouple and protect instrumentation signals from electrical interference and Reduces Thermocouple Splatter Problems for kiln firings on your Pottery.

Maximum temperature of 1170 Deg C constant or 1300 Deg C intermittently for kiln firings.

Inconel Sheathed Thermocouples Type K 6MM Sheathed (NON Grounded) with Socket and Flang

Custom designed for the Nemesis PI Controllers


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